Every time I sit at my computer to blog, I convince myself that I will only include 4-6 images from the session. Yet, time and time again, I go overboard. I fall in love with each family that my camera sees. Their journey becomes my own. I love the sly glances from a 4 year old, the sweet kisses from sweethearts, and the playful games between parent and child. This blog is no different, except that it’s compounded because it’s Mandy’s family.

Mandy and I have been friends for years and years. She and her husband, Dave, met at my wedding. Yes, I know…another match made in heaven thanks to Rusty and I. We had nothing to do with this one. They met on their own, and showed up at our house, together. Imagine the shock. 🙂 We were thrilled.

Mandy sent me an email in September asking me to photograph their entire family after Christmas. Every one was going to be in town, so it worked. They are a crew, and they come packin’ with 4 little boys…be still my heart.

I tried folks, really I did. I tried to narrow it down to my favorites. Enjoy.

I love the next two pictures. The second one is so sweet. Look at those precious brothers….