Monthly Archives: February 2012

Location: Marietta square, Georgia

Having a son, I’ve noticed that guys tend to get the short end of the stick. The toy aisles for girls far out number the aisles for boys. Girls get cute dresses, skirts, hats, belts, tank tops, vests, matching this and that…while boys are stuck with jeans and tee shirts. Don’t get me started on shoes…my girls both have a closet full of shoes, while my son only has a couple of pairs.

Photography seems to be the same. Oftentimes, I see lots of senior portraits of beautiful girls on my Facebook newsfeed. I’ve heard it said that girls are far easier to photograph than guys. That doesn’t ever seem to be the case for me. On a wedding day, it’s usually the guys who strike the GQ poses, with a little prompting. 🙂

When I knew that I was going to shoot Robert’s senior portrait session, I was excited. I have known Robert since he was a sophomore; I was his English teacher at the time. He came into my classroom eager, and FULL of opinions. He always could make me laugh. He hasn’t changed. He is still eager to get his hands on all that life has for him, still FULL of opinions, most of them good, and yes, he still can make me laugh. We laughed lots running around the Marietta square last week.

I tackled Robert’s senior session, knowing that he had a lot to offer. He brought his larger-than-life personality to the table…he was all in, and so was I.

I always enjoy working with a bride and groom before their big day. It gives me a chance to get to know them, and develop a level of comfortably and trust before the beautiful chaos of a wedding day. Kim and I met several weeks ago to discuss her wedding photography and we hit it off – very well. She is lovely, and charming. She has a timeless grace..reminiscent of Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. I mean really…look at that hair.

Kyle’s and Kim’s session was originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I was excited, it was perfect. I woke up last Tuesday morning to gray skies and rain..everywhere. Gross. We had to reschedule. We met the next afternoon at the Old Mill at Vickery Creek in Roswell.

Kyle is so sweet to his Kim. His love for her is so genuine. I had chills for an hour and a half. Just as I thought we were done, they would inspire me more to take more pictures. What a looker. What charm. What style. Kim, he’s a keeper. <3

When Kelly and I talked about taking pictures of Rylan’s first year, I was ecstatic. It has been a small dream of mine to photograph a baby, from tummy to walking shoes. I created a custom baby plan for them, that included a coffee table book, and stressed the importance of her calling me as soon as the baby came. I met Kelly about a week before her due date to snap a few pictures of her for the first page in the album. Rylan came right on time, and I got a text when she was 2 days old that they were ready.

This is Rylan Young. She is the tiniest, sweetest, cuddliest baby my hands have ever been on. During the session, I would pick her up and hold her close, breathing in that new baby smell and sweetness.

I don’t believe that I ever truly marveled at my infants until Laney came along. Through the tired eyes, I hurried through new baby tasks. By the time I had my last one, with a 4 year old and a 2 year old already in my arms, I realized that it really does fly by. Before we know it, Rylan and I will be making a mess of a first year cake. But, let’s not rush things.

She is my smallest client to date, and I adore her, who wouldn’t?