Monthly Archives: March 2012

I have been given the great honor to document Rylan’s first year. I spent the morning with her when she was just 3 days old, and had the afternoon with her a little over a week ago. At one month old, she is still the tiniest, sweetest little bundle I’ve had in my arms in a long time. She is a snuggler; I’m a sucker for a snuggler. We had to take lots of mandatory snuggle breaks.

When my babies were babies, we had favorite books that I read to them from the time they could sit up on my lap until they outgrew my lap. One of those little ones still tries to put her big-ol-self in my lap. I asked my girls to gather some of their favorite books for baby Rylan. When they saw the pictures that night, they were a little surprised to see what I had done with them. They thought I was going to spend the afternoon reading to Rylan. Hehe.

In years to come, Kelly can hold “Yertle the Turtle,” and see how little her baby once was.Believe it or not, Rylan really was resting as peacefully as she appears. When I had shot ever angle I could think of, Kelly and I sat and talked. We both felt bad about moving her. I asked to have a few pictures of Ty with Rylan. The stories Kelly tells of his love for his little sister are so touching. He really is so tender and patient with her. He waited quietly while we got her adjusted and sleeping again. What a great big brother!

Stumbling across this friendly park right outside of Decatur, I knew it was perfect for the Donnellys. Rachel and I were friends in high school, but lost touch because of time and space. Oftentimes, my job allows me to reunite with old friends, which I love. After my camera was put away, we chatted and caught up a little. We both agreed upon the strangeness of being all grown up now, with families of our own. What a privilege it was to photograph Rachel, her sweetheart Zack, and their two precious children. Take a look at those blue eyes…are you kidding me? How do you ever tell them “no?”

Happy first birthday Roane! Our session for Roane’s first birthday didn’t exaaaactly go as we had planned. Sweet babes often have their own plans. Roane’s plans consisted of lots of mommy cuddle time. So, we went with it.

Finn, you won me over, band-aids and all.