Call me crazy..but shooting the rings is how I relax on a wedding day. It’s just me, 2 wedding bands, a sparkly diamond, and my camera. The ring shot marks the part in the day when the pressure to perform is off, and I can let my hair down and just document the fun of the reception. The “I dos” have been said, the kiss has been captured, the portraits made, the first dance photographed, and the cake cut. It’s then that I turn to the rings…to relax for a minute before turning my attention back to the party. I LOVE every part of the big day!

Not to mention all the creative ways that they can be photographed….endless options. These two shots are from a wedding last Saturday. Two shots, same rings. I love that the bride had a peacock theme. The colors were incredible.

I’d like some feedback. Which one do you like better?