Monthly Archives: August 2012

It has been a great privilege to photograph Rylan for the last 6 months. I have seen her change so much..and in this last session, I started seeing her personality. She is such a cuddly little doll.

Big brother Ty wasn’t too far away, ever. He wins the award for getting her to smile the biggest! He is SOOO proud of his little sister, and it shows. Look at those lips. No prompting-it was just an expression of his love and pride. Swoon.

So focused….

Saved my faaaaavorite for the end…….
I smiled the whole time I processed this picture. It’s the desktop image on one of my monitors cause it makes me so haaaaappy!

Monday marked the end of our summer vacation, but the beginning of another school year. The summer brought challenges, as I tried to be super-photographer and mom-of-the-year. It was a balancing act, for sure. I thought I would be happy to have my house back; to be able to work in peace and quiet. I found myself wandering around, from room to room, missing their “noise.” I thought about hearing their sweet games from my desk. I love these kids. They are my heart walking around on the outside of my body.

The Carter kids are ready to ROCK another school year. The baby is in second grade, while the big guy hits middle school. Miss. Middle-child Magnificent is a big fourth grader. Laney walked to the bus by herself, without needing a hand to hold. Ethan gave me a half a second hug before we rounded the corner to the bus stop. Emma-Kate briefly waved at me before climbing the bus steps. It’s okay…they’ll all be cuddled up on my lap later tonight.

You are going to soar sweet babes. Remember your manners. 🙂

You may recognize Reese and Cole from a session I shot of them last fall, when the Bennetts were a party of 4. Rowan has since joined their beautiful family, and she obviously inherited the charm! I really love to watch my littlest clients grow and change. Cole still brings his dapper swagger to every photograph, and Reese’s quiet, graceful beauty is ever-present.

Thank you for spending your evening with me, Bennetts. As always, it was a pleasure. Your family is just beautiful.

Cole wanted to take a few pictures with Reese to get her comfortable, while Rowan took a baby-snooze so she’d be ready for her big photo shoot. 🙂 I kept taking pictures as Cole “helped” Reese smile. How cute are these two?

There she is: ready to shine!

This one might be my favorite. Maybe, just might be.