Monthly Archives: September 2012

James and Meagan had the sweetest wedding. There was no wedding party, no flower girls or ring bearers; just two people that love each other, uniting.

When I arrived at White Water Creek Country Club, the weather was a little less than perfect. Okay, I’ll be honest, it looked terrible. Big gray clouds were rolling in, and golfers were running frantic. The wedding site had to be moved inside, to the lobby. When I went looking for Meagan, I didn’t know how I would find her. She was calm, with a glass of white wine in her hand. “Eh, it’s fine. All that matters is that we’re married.” I loved it!

I managed to find a covered porch to snap a few bridal portraits before the ceremony. The guests included mostly family and a few close friends. It was a very close, intimate wedding. Truly special.

The clouds parted and a chorus of angels sang “Hallelujah” after the ceremony, so we were able to venture outside for couples portraits.

One would think that I have been doing this long enough that all wedding start to look the same. Not at all. Each day is special. Each couple is memorable. And I walk away from every wedding with a new appreciation. This night, I walked away appreciative of the people close to me, the ones that have stuck with me through the storms.

This blog is all about James and Meagan…the day was all about them. Congrats you two.

I usually know within about 30 seconds how hard I’m going to have to work to charm kids, and get them to trust me for an hour session. I ask a lot of kids, I know that. They meet me, a complete stranger, and I ask them to look into my camera and smile. I love the more photo journalistic approach to photography. I usually try to nail the “everybody looking and smiling” picture, then move on to try to see and feel the relationships that exist within a family unit. That’s what I want to deliver…photos that truly represent relationships.

Levi got out of the car, full of words. He didn’t make me work very hard. <3 The Bhames were a joy to work with. They are the sweetest family. I usually only blog my favorites from a session. This was tough. When I selected images for the blog, I was up to 50 before I knew it. Nuh uh. Can't do it. I settled on less than that, but it pained my soul to cut some of them. precious. precious. precious family. Thank you Bhames, it was a pleasure. On to the photos......