I met Rob and Heather, independently from each other, just over a year ago. We are in a group of business professionals that meets once a week for breakfast. I knew them both professionally, but when they sought me out to be their wedding photographer, we started spending more time together. The three of us because fast friends. Around Thanksgiving, during some typical, “What are you doing for Thanksgiving talks,” it was revealed that Heather’s, and well my family are from the same small south Georgia town. Heather’s mother is a wealth of knowledge about her family tree, so Heather went investigating. After some questions, poking and prodding, we discovered that we are 4th cousins. Turns out…you can choose your family after all. They both have become treasured friends.

They both wanted a very small, intimate gathering of family, and very close friends. The Jekyll Island Club was a beautiful backdrop to celebrate the two people we all love so much. The weather was beautiful. When Heather was little girl, she and her family would visit the JIC. She told her mother that when she got married, she wanted to do it there, and stay in that “princess tower.” It was absolute perfection.

Heather’s dress belonged to her grandmother. She had it altered, and reworked by Bridal Couture by Ruby V in Atlanta. Heather’s shoes were vintage; Robin egg blue. LOVE! She carried a sixpence sewn into a family handkerchief, up her sleeve, for good luck.

Rob and Heather, I am so thankful for you. You’ve restored my faith in friendships and loyalty. I love you both.