Khadijah is a part of a family that has battle scars that have only made them stronger. The women in her family are kind, compassionate and love each other with a fierceness that rivals my own family. It was unbelievably inspiring to watch these women come together to celebrate Khadijah and Colon on their wedding day.

I worked with Colton and Khadijah last fall for their engagement session. From the second I saw them, I felt the tenderness in their relationship. Colton absolutely adores Khadijah…how could he not? She is graceful. She is lovely. Her beauty radiates from the inside out. Any groom that gets teary when he sees his bride has me. I stole little moments all day with my camera. Colton proudly rubbing his new wedding ring during the reception, sneaking a little kiss on her ankle when he pulled the garter off, and the admiration in his eyes as he watched her. These little things that went unnoticed by many spoke volumes to me about the love and devotion he has for his lady.

It was an amazing day.  Thank you both for trusting us with so much. It was an honor. That day will live on forever through the pictures we took.

Your impression on my heart is deep.

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The flowers were exquisite: Perfect Petals Her orchid bouquet may be my favorite ever!

As ever, its a delight to work with the team at Glendalough Manor.

That cake…swoon…Perfect Wedding Cakes