Blackbird Photography Video || Atlanta Wedding Photographer Katie Carter from Two Hearts Cinema on Vimeo.

Katie Carter is a fresh photographer with the eye of an old soul. Preferring to shoot in natural light, Katie endeavors to capture the true essence of her subject. Her warm and engaging personality creates a comfort that relaxes clients and draws them into the moment. Many of Katie’s best images are those that she steals from the space between poses, when a couple is chatting before they turn to smile or a proud mother as she watches her daughter slip into “the dress.” The results are real pictures of real people, clean and timeless images that, years from now, can take you back to that place in life.

As a mother of three, Katie made a bold move in turning a lifelong infatuation with taking photos into Blackbird Photography and she has yet to look back. A true renaissance woman Katie paints and draws, but her best sketches come with the click of the camera shutter.

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