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Engagement sessions. Swoon. Seriously sweet.

Engagement sessions are a time I spend with my clients to start forming a bond. During the session, I watch the couple and they interact with each other. Every couple will hug differently, and fits together in a unique way. This time makes the wedding day run smoothly because I’m already familiar with them and how they move together. It never fails that working with a couple before the big day means that we hug a little tighter.

Kristen came to me from a former spring bride. It’s always a double honor to get a referral from a former bride. To me it means that she trusts me so much that she’d send her dearest friends my way. Kristen is SPUNKY!! She’s totally my kinda girl. It truly was a great afternoon spent with these two. Without further ado….









Engagement sessions are very foundational in building a relationship with my clients. I see that time as time spent getting to know the couple. I can always see a difference on a wedding day inthe trust that’s been built when I’ve worked with a them before. It means so much for each and every couple to allow me into their lives to document their relationship.

Megan and I hit if off right away at our first meeting at Buckhead City Club. She is totally down to earth, and SO easy going. With the busy schedule in the fall, we literally squeeeeeeeezed their session in on a Sunday afternoon…..and I’m so glad that we did.

Did you guys ever decide to go with the Alfredo in the jar, or make it from scratch?

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Here are just a few of my favorites from my time with Doug and Megan.DougMegan_Blog_0004 DougMegan_Blog_0006 DougMegan_Blog_0005 DougMegan_Blog_0007 DougMegan_Blog_0008 DougMegan_Blog_0009 DougMegan_Blog_0010