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Leigh is a talented singer/songwriter. Her songs are enchanting, deeply soulful, and at times haunting. She shows wisdom and a depth of character that exceeds her years. She has a playful spirit, but fierce determination. How do I know her so well? She is my littlest sister.

Leigh is embarking on a very exciting chapter in her life. She is making her dream of a stage and bright lights a reality. When the time came, I eagerly agreed to do her promotional shoot. It was my vision to let her shine- I hope I did it.


I’m so proud of you Leigh. Stay true, remember to “stay on your side,” and to “SAIL.”
Could I get a little lip balm?

Family time is so important in this fast paced culture that we live in. The Patels were so elated to be together, under one roof for a few short days. They asked me to come an photograph their entire family, as a gift to their mom and dad. The family welcomed me into their home with open arms.

My cheeks hurt from the serious smiling I did while processing this session. I enjoyed my afternoon with this amazing family. It goes down as one of my favorite sessions ever. Their generosity, kindness, and laughter will stay with me always. Thank you Patels.


…and then they invited me to stay for tea


A year ago I was hard at work preparing my portfolio for graduate school. I knew it was going to be tough…they were only accepting 3 students into the photography program. The months leading up to my submission, my mind was a flurry of ideas. I pursued a few of the projects, which were extremely time consuming. The program was fine arts focused. Instead of using my paintbrushes, or pencils to make my vision come to fruition, I was to use my camera.

One of the projects was called “Helping Hands.” I put about 80 hours of street photography into it. I would stop strangers on the street, and explain that I was working on a conceptual photography piece about the power of people when they came together…and then asked them if I could photograph their hand. I gave them little direction, as I wanted each hand to be expressive of that person. After all, none of us are alike. The project represented how small one person can be, but put together, we become a stronger force. Once the project was assembled, I pushed it aside, literally. It weights a ton. Using my foyer as a assembly station, once it was done, it couldn’t be moved…so I slid it about 8 feet to the left. I have passed it everyday since, but have taken no notice of it….until a few days ago. I remembered the passion that went into it, and the drive to see it through. At the time, it was an intense project, but looking back, it was a lot of fun. It was revitalizing to take pictures for myself again. I’m really proud of it…a year later.

I was broken the day I got the letter saying I hadn’t been accepted into graduate school. I shed a few tears…but am a very strong believer that everything….every single thing…happens for a reason. That week I booked 4 weddings for the fall. I had a feeling my course had been plotted a bit differently.

A year later, I have been interviewed to appear in an article for Photoshop User. The article focuses on how I use Photoshop CS6 as a wedding photographer. My mission statement for Blackbird Photography also appears in the article…and why I think Blackbird Photography is so special.

Who knew that the 7 year-old blonde headed girl that got a camera from her daddy for Christmas would become a wedding photographer. I always told my dad that my canvases would hang in people’s homes when I was grown up. It makes me smile to know that they do.  My course is set…I’m moving forward. 2013 is going to be a spectacular year.