“Experience is the name we give our mistakes.”

I dance everyday. In my car. In the kitchen. At my desk. I couldn’t make it through the day without at least a shoulder bump.

I love chocolate chip cookies, maybe more than I love the UPS man.

I sleep with 3 pillows. One behind my head, one under my head and the other between my knees. I’m serious about my pillows.

I love the fan on high when I sleep.

I have way too many pairs of blue jeans.

A random text message from a friend brings me immense joy.

I love to have fresh flowers in my house. I think it’s friendly and welcoming. Sometimes, I think they are looking at me….Alice in Wonderland.

Eating at a restaurant is my love language. That, and holding my hand while walking places.

I miss California, and my long hair, and working barefoot:

Happy Monday! This week is gonna rock!